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Russian Kids Products DistributorRussian Kids Products Distributor

OlaBaby.RU - Russian distributor of well-known foreign and domestic producers of goods for children and their parents.

Our company was founded in 2011 in Moscow to provide business development consulting services for overseas, foreign companies on the Russian market. We concentrated on general marketing, export and import operations.

First time we specialized on the import food supplements from Asia and represent their interests in Russia as the official distributor.

In 2013, we started to research the Russian market of childcare, mothercare products and baby accessories and decided to develop distribution and wholesale business in this segment.

In 2017 our company cooperated with more then 1000 B2B customers like wholesales, kindergartens, retail networks, online retailers all around Russia.


Our goal is to provide Russian customers the new high-quality, innovative and unique products of well-known foreign brands for kids and their parents.


Key areas of our business:

1. Baby hygiene (diapers, wipes, nappies)

2. Feeding (bottles and pacifiers, high chairs, sterilizers)

3. Toys (educational, bathroom, bassinet)

4. Baby gear (strollers, car seats, cribs and bassinets)

5. Clothing (bodysuit, romper and pants, overalls)


Our target market – Russia and CIS countries. Points of concentration are Moscow, St. Petersburg and cities with a population of 1 million people and above.


Our office located in Moscow. Also, we have a transit warehouse located in Moscow region with a good geographical position and ready to take on any amount of products that allows us to place items in the vicinity of the main points of consumption and distribute in all regions of Russia.


We are official registered participant of the Moscow city portal of suppliers